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Site Policy

Sakurai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") operates the website " " (hereinafter referred to as "this site") based on the following items. We are here. Customers using this site should be aware of the following items before using.

  1. About the scope of effect of this description

    The scope of the effect of this description is all data stored in all servers necessary for the operation of this site and the contents composed of them.

  2. About copyright

    As a general rule, we own the copyright for the content on this site. Regarding the use of all photos, company name logos, images, texts and other data posted on this site, without prior permission, beyond the scope permitted by law, reproduction, diversion, reprint, electromagnetic Processing, transmission, distribution, secondary use, and other similar acts are not permitted.

  3. About trademarks

    Product names, company names, logos, etc. appearing in the contents on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company or each company. Unless permitted by the Trademark Law or other laws, these may not be used without the prior permission of the Company or each company. The products, etc. posted on this site do not necessarily have the trademark indication (®, ™) attached.

  4. About the links

    No special procedure is required to link to this site, but in principle, please set the link destination to the following top page. In addition, displaying this site in the frame of the link source site when linking may give the user a misunderstanding about the source of the information, so we refuse to do so. Please be sure to make the necessary settings so that this site will start up in a separate window.

    In the case of the top page ""

    Links from the following websites are strictly prohibited.
    ・ Websites containing content created with the intention of degrading or damaging our company, other companies or third parties ・ Copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property of our company, other companies or third parties Websites created with the intention of infringing rights ・ Websites aimed at conducting commercial activities using links to this site (providing information on this site for a fee, etc.)
    Please note that we do not accept requests for links from this site in principle.


  5. About publication in magazines, etc.

    Even when this site is posted on various media by methods other than links, such as posting articles in magazines, we will comply with all the items described in the above paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 above. .. Please be sure to contact us in advance before posting.

  6. Proposals via the Internet, etc.

    Regarding the transmission of technical proposals, commercial proposals, or similar proposals to the Company via the Internet, etc., there are accidental similarities with the technologies and commercial concepts that the Company independently develops, examines, and develops. Please refrain from doing so as it may cause a dispute.
    Please note that in the unlikely event that you submit a proposal or something similar via the Internet, etc., we will handle it as follows.

    ・ Our company will not evaluate or consider the contents of your request.
    ・ We are not obligated to keep the contents of your request confidential.
    ・ The content of your proposal and some or all of the proposals that we have developed, developed, and adopted are
    In the unlikely event that they are similar or duplicated, we will not take any responsibility including payment of compensation.


  7. Precautions for use (Disclaimer regarding posted information)

    Although we pay various attention to the information posted on this site, we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, safety, etc. of the content. In addition, please note that we will not be liable for any consequences caused by the judgments and actions taken by the user based on the posted information.
    Please note that the information on products, campaigns, etc. posted on this site is information on some of the products sold by the Company or the campaigns, etc. that are being developed, and does not cover all of them. please give me. In addition, all posted information on this site is information at the time of posting, and after posting on this site, the posted information may be revised or abolished without prior notice, or the posted information may change over time. It may not match the actual information.
    In addition, the address of this site, including the top page, is subject to change without prior notice.
    Regarding display problems and all other effects such as broken links caused by changing the address of this site
    Please note that we are not responsible for this.


  8. About your browser

    We recommend the latest Google Chrome browser when viewing this site.
    Please note that some content may not be displayed properly when viewed on other browsers.


  9. About applicable laws, etc.

    Unless otherwise specified, the use of this site and the interpretation and application of the posted information and these terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, if a dispute arises regarding the use of this site, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

  10. About the entry into force of this item

    This item will be effective from 17:00 on October 5, 2004, Japan Standard Time.

■ Revised January 31, 2018

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