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Maintaining quality by using STACLEAN (dust-free paper) as the label base material

Industry: Electronic component manufacturer
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stacrine label

Client's Problem


The management labels and inventory labels used in their cleanroom were based on ordinary paper. During the audit, they got pointed out by their business partner,  and asked for improvement.

Proposed Product

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  • STACLEAN tack PW(Strong adhesive) Bespoke processing
    Pre-printing and imposition slit processing

​ First, we checked the printer model and label size used, and suggested switching from ordinary paper to STACLEAN labels (dust-free paper).

Regarding the size, we received a request for a specification with 10 slits on A4. For slitting, we have dozens of chamfered blade dies in stock, so we made a proposal to reduce the cost of creating new blade dies.

In addition, since the customer used to print the labels themselves, we proposed pre-printing them in advance, which was accepted.

common paper labels
stacrine label


stacrine label

By making improvements that were pointed out during the audit, they were able to improve quality. They are satisfied that they can keep the initial cost down and continue to operate as usual.

Thing only Sakurai can do


We have a large number of blade dies that we have been selling for more than 35 years, so we can make proposals that keep initial costs down by using them.

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