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Solving problems with substrates that match label printers

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturer
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Roll label for label printer

Client's Problem


They decided to consider introducing a label printer that can print barcodes. At the same time, they also needed to find a label that could be brought into the cleanroom, and were at a loss because of lack of knowledge. In addition, they asked us to process the label to the specified size and process it all at once including pre-printing.

Proposed Product

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  • Label printer
  • STACLEAN barcode label

We understand that our client is considering the introduction of a thermal transfer label printer. Therefore, we proposed a reasonable model of barcode printer.

In response to the request for a barcode label that can be brought into a clean room, we proposed STACLEAN barcode label that generates less dust. In addition, since we can handle not only paper but also label processing consistently, we proposed processing and pre-printing to the specified size.

common labels
Staklin Barcode Label


Staklin Barcode Label

They were able to build a system for smooth operation by bringing in label printers and barcode labels at the same time. The label size was also processed according to their request, so they are satisfied.

Thing only Sakurai can do


​We will propose suitable paper for each label printer model.

In addition, we will introduce the adoption record while looking at the label samples so that you can adopt it with confidence. This time, the condition was that the label should be used in a cleanroom, but it is possible to propose PET film, synthetic paper, coated paper base labels, etc. according to the usage environment.

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