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Problem solving by proposing various label substrates

Industry: Pharmaceutical manufacturing
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antistatic label

Client's Problem


They worked consistently from chemical manufacturing to labeling work in the cleanroom. Plain paper is used as the base material for labels, and from the viewpoint of quality maintenance, it was decided to consider switching into dust-free paper. When they started considering it, they didn't know what kind of label would be suitable, so they asked us for advice.

Proposed Product

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  • STACLEAN Tack PW (Strong Adhesion)

First of all, we explained about various base materials of labels.

Synthetic paper has strengths such as durability, but the risk of generating dust is higher than it appears. Dust-free paper can reduce dust generation, but it is not very strong. In this case, maintaining quality was the prioritized issue, so we proposed a dust-free paper STACLEAN tack.

synthetic paper
Staclin tack


Staklin tack label

Other than changing the base material to STACLEAN Tack (dust-free paper), the size and printing process are the same as the conventional product, and it can be operated without changing the work content.

By delivering products with more confidence in quality than ever before, they have built a good relationship with their customers.

Thing only Sakurai can do


We were able to propose a flow to problem solving precisely because we are a dedicated sales person familiar with various label substrates. In addition, all the processing of the products we proposed was done in a cleanroom, and we were able to help you with our processing network.

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