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Cleanroom stationery


Optimize supplies in the cleanroom

Industry: Electronic component manufacturer
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Stuclin Memo

Client's Problem


This was the first cleanroom facility we introduced, but weren't very conscious of the items used in the cleanroom. They didn't know what dust-free paper was, so regular copy papers and folders in the cleanroom were used.

They found out that there are special copy papers and folders that can be used in cleanroom, so  decided to have another look on it. They also needed to investigate how the current materials affect the parts they're manufacturing so had a consultation with us.

Proposed Product

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  • General cleanroom supplies
(STACLEAN PPC paper, notebook, folder,
labels, notes, etc.)

First, based on the dust generation data between STACLEAN and ordinary paper, we explained the impact on quality when using ordinary copy paper and stationery in a cleanroom.

On top of that, we proposed items that can be used in cleanrooms, such as notebooks, folders, labels, and notepads processed with STACLEAN.

News Stacrine Laboratory Notes


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​They were able to deepen knowledge about the supplies that can be used in cleanroom. It's something that they usually do not notice and overlook. They're relieved to be able to improve the situation before it becomes a big problem.

In future operations, they'd like to establish internal rules and strive to maintain quality.

Thing only Sakurai can do


​We have been selling STACLEAN (dust-free paper) that can be used in cleanrooms for more than 35 years. Based on that know-how and past cases, we will explain the optimal operation method.

Our dedicated sales staff listens to the customer's situation and proposes the most suitable products to maintain quality.

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