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Balancing quality and cost with conductive dust-free paper

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AS staculin

Client's Problem


Interleaving paper with a film base was used to protect the products when shipping wafers and storing them iin-house. Since the film is durable, it was assumed that it would be reused but they were worried of the high cost because they weren't able to collect all of it. They were looking for a material that has the same performance as conventional film substrates and that can reduce cost even when used in one way. They consulted on whether there was a material that would meet the required quality, such as no dust generation, static electricity countermeasures, lower cost than film, and 1-way use.

Proposed Product

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The STACLEAN (dust-free paper) NB series, which is a conventional interleaving paper type, was evaluated, but the electrostatic level was 10 x 11 Ω, so we could not meet the customer's request.

Therefore, we devised a dust-free paper in which special conductive fibers are kneaded, and proposed this as a new base material to replace film.

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AS staculin


AS staculin

By verifying AS STACLEAN from the sample stage, they  were able to reduce costs compared to film, resulting in improved cost performance while maintaining quality.

It is also useful as the only usable spacer for special electron beam irradiation.

Thing only Sakurai can do


We were able to develop a new product that imparts conductivity to STACLEAN (dust-free paper). I believe that Sakurai, who has the planning and development capabilities of a dedicated sales force and the brand of STACLEAN, was able to meet the needs of our customers.

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