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Cleanroom paper


​ Yield improvement by processing STACLEAN (dust-free paper)

​Industry: Lens processing manufacturer
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Client's Problem


They used STACLEAN (dust-free paper) as a backing paper when inspecting lenses to check for scratches and dirt.

In order to improve the yield, they thought that it was necessary to suppress the reflection of light on the backing paper, so they consulted whether it was possible to process it into matte and black.

Proposed Product

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  • STACLEAN (SC250 NBMS 300µm) printing process

There are six basic colors of STACLEAN: blue, pink, yellow, violet, green and white. This time, in order to meet the demand for matte and black colors, we proposed STACLEAN for special colors using offset printing. We also proposed to change the thickness to 300µm and improve handling.

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New Staklin special color black


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The black color makes it possible to check the lens surface more accurately, which improves the yield. They are very satisfied because the thickness of the backing paper reduces the work and shortens the time for inspection work.

Thing only Sakurai can do


With offset printing, dust generation from the ink itself is less than with toner methods (copiers, laser printers). Sakurai, who has many years of experience and expertise in processing methods, was able to propose this. If you allow the cost, we have an environment where we can custom process even from a small lot.

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