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Cleanroom paper


STACLEAN PPC bespoked processed paper improves work efficiency

​Industry: Semiconductor manufacturer
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Client's Problem


They have been using Staclean PPC paper (dust-free paper) in the cleanroom to print manufacturing process control charts. The content is printed with the determined data and cut into required sizes with scissors.

They wanted to have another look on the work process to improve work efficiency, so they consulted us.

Proposed Product

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  • NEW STACLEAN RC.PPC bespoke processing (pre-printing, perforation processing)

Since the format to be printed each time was decided, we proposed to pre-print the data on STACLEAN paper in advance. In addition, we proposed an exclusive STACLEAN that is perforated beforehand so that they can be separated without using scissors the parts that had been cut by hand.

Previously, it was cut by hand.
Staklin perforation


Stuclin label/perforation processing

By introducing pre-printed and pre-perforated STACLEAN, they were able to improve the work efficiency by reducing the work time to about 1/4.

They are satisfied because with this little process, they're able to shorten the usual work time and now use it for other work.

Thing only Sakurai can do


From pre-printing to perforation processing, we have built a network that can consistently undertake with responsibility. One of Sakurai's strengths is that our dedicated sales staff can meet with customers to deliver paper that meets their needs.

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