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Cleanroom supplies


Contributing to cost reduction and maintaining cleanness with "STACLEAN compatible printer"

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturer
Printed circuit board mounting image
Printer ink

Client's Problem


They had a job to print in a cleanroom and wanted to install a printer. There are various printing methods for printers, and worried about choosing a model and consulted whether a laser printer is better or a general inkjet printer is better.

Proposed Product

  • STACLEAN compatible printer
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​ First, we explained that laser printers must not be installed in a cleanroom because they scatter a large amount of invisible toner during printing.

Additionally, a typical home inkjet printer ejects more ink than imagined, and that invisible ink droplets float on the paper and may splatter from the paper output section.

We have developed printer for STACLEAN which is a dedicated printer driver for the said paper. It reduces the amount of ink ejected and reduces the risk of ink scattering. Moreover, we explained that running costs can be reduced because the only small amount of ink is ejectedted.

common printer
Staclean compatible printer


Staclean after printing (dust-free paper)

They are able to operate printing work in the cleanroom smoothly because of the suitability of STACLEAN (dust-free paper) with printing. 

Thin lines of barcodes and scanner reading were also at a satisfactory level.

In addition, they were able to lower the running costs of the ink than initially expected, and were satisfied with it.

Thing only Sakurai can do


​"Printer for STACLEAN" is equipped with a dedicated printer driver for STACLEAN.

By installing a printer that can be used in a cleanroom, you will be able to operate the printing work smoothly.

*There is also a print mode that supports EX Clean.

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