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Process paper (interleaving paper)


Solve problems by leveraging the strengths of paper with interleaving paper for transportation

Industry: Electronic component manufacturer
IC chip image
Layer paper for electronic parts

Client's Problem


In the past, 500 µm thick film was used as interleaving paper to protect electronic components during transportation. However, due to the compatibility between the metal products and the film to be transported, there was a problem of discoloration of the products. They urgently needed to consider alternative products, so they consulted us.

Proposed Product

  • STACELAN Cardboard Interleaving Paper SC420NBMS 500µm

In response to client's inquiry, we have proposed STACLEAN (dust-free paper) thick paper.

This STACLEAN paper is a neutral type that has little effect on metals, has moderate moisture absorption unique to paper, and it has a track record of being widely used as a process paper including other thicknesses.

roll paper
Stakulin thick paper


Electronic parts interleaving paper

By adopting the proposed STACLEAN, we were able to solve the problem of product discoloration. In terms of cost, because it was a bespoke process, the cost was slightly higher than the conventional film, but it was judged that the merits in total cost exceeded in terms of the relationship built with the customer and the labor force required. 

Thing only Sakurai can do


We have a wide range of thicknesses of STACLEAN (dust-free paper), and this time we have solved customer's problem by proposing a cardboard type.

We handle not only paper but also film, depending on the application.

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