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Process paper (interleaving paper)


Solving wafer scratches with paper spacers

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturer
silicon wafer
Stuclin wafer spacer

Client's Problem 


Film was used as a spacer when transporting wafers. However, the surface of the film is uneven and it damaged the wafer product due to rubbing during transportation.

It was necessary to consider the material of the spacer, so they consulted us.

Proposed Product


We proposed switching from film to STACLEAN (dust-free paper). Compared to film, it is thicker and has more cushioning properties, and can suppress scratches caused by rubbing. Since the base material is paper, static electricity is less likely to occur, and it is environmentally friendly from the perspective of eliminating plastic.

We also explained that STACLEAN 50NB is a neutral paper with a pH value as close as possible to 7.0, which reduces the risk of adversely affecting the product.

roll paper
Stuclin wafer spacer


Stuclin wafer spacer

This prevented scratches on the wafer products, which has been a problem, and improved the yield. They're very satisfied with the fact that costs reduced compared to film, and contributed to society in terms of the environment.

Thing only Sakurai can do


We have cutting dies for 4, 6, 8, and 12 inch wafers, so we can respond to your requested size. In addition, since there are multiple thicknesses of STACLEAN neutral paper, you can also choose the thickness of the spacer.

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