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label solution

Clean room/industrial/industrial special labels/separate labels

Helping customers turn their “image” into “shape”


Over 30 years of delivery experience with separate labels

There are many different names for labels: bespoke, customized, pre-printed, or specify any size, but our company handles domestic electronic parts manufacturers, including those related to semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturers,
with various shapes and functions for each industrial use.label(stickers) are provided.

If you have any problems or inquiries regarding separate labels, please contact us.
Please feel free to contact us.

Conversation on the landing

“At stores and online shopping sites,
No matching products were found. ”

Can be processed to any size

Can be processed to any size

You can pre-print!

Conversation on the landing

``I want to hear directly from you, but where?''
I don't know if it's okay to talk to you​... ”

Consultation/meeting possible

Of course, by email or phone,

Web consultation/direct meeting possible


​What kind of company is Sakurai?


I want to consult immediately
The image is ready
​There is the actual item


What we can

What only Sakurai can do

Why is our company not a specialized manufacturer of labels and stickers?
Have you been in the label business for over 30 years?


Multiple substrates

Multiple processing plants

multiple printers

=infinite possibilities


Made of special clean paper "Staclin" that can be used in clean rooms."Staclin Tack"The lineup is centered around. As a trading company specializing in paper and film, we have strong connections with base material manufacturers and adhesive processing manufacturers, and if we don't have any, we can make them from scratch.

Sakurai's unique base materials and planning ability

Sakurai's unique base materials and planning ability

Multiple processing systems

We are affiliated with one of the leading label processing manufacturers in Japan, and as a trading company, we are able to utilize multiple options to propose the optimal processing system depending on the application.

Multiple processing systems

Dedicated label printers as well

Since we handle large printers for offices and factories, we can propose equipment at the same time.

printer suggestions

printer suggestions
Solution proposal


Composite solution proposal

=Close to customers

​ Follow-up system


We have sales offices in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

Depending on the customer's request, we can of course conduct e-mail, telephone, and web interviews.

It is also possible to visit us directly for a meeting.

National Network

In addition to providing separate labels,
Business proposals and combined proposals are also possible.

We do not think that it is best to just provide a completed separate label,

Considering cost and workability,Printing and processing by customers themselvesI would like to make a suggestion.

In addition, labeling is just one of our businesses, and we can regularly propose environmental products and BCP measures.

Business proposals are also possible


Product Line

Basic structure of the label


Basic structure of the label

Please be sure to check this when considering products or requesting a quote.

Pick up

In-house label production

worker 1

To some extent, we can operate the equipment ourselves.

You can do pasting work!

Factory label
worker 2

Display inside factories and facilities

Because it changes frequently​

I wish I could make it myself...

For those in this kind of environment or those with requests

Introducing models that allow you to easily create labels.

SATO_Theta print sample 1
SATO_Theta print sample 2

For both thermal and thermal transfer (ribbon) methods

monochrome label printer-


A standard model that can easily issue barcode labels within the factory.

Equipped with a large LCD touch panel!Giving form to voices from the field.

Our goal was to be the ultimate stress-free.

*There are models compatible with RFID (non-contact automatic identification).

color label printer

Make POP/label creation comfortable!

The world's smallest size* color LED printer is ideal for a wide range of applications and can be installed anywhere.

*Color LED/laser printers currently on the market as of September 2022In body volume. According to OKI research.


                   cutting plotter

sample 2

The "CG-AR series" is an entry-level cutting plotter model that is affordable, has advanced cutting performance, can handle a wide range of cutting materials, and has improved usability.

In addition to making cut letters, labels, and stickers, CG-AR now supports all types of cutting and marking on cardboard.

By using special options, it is now possible to produce packages up to A3 size.

*The maximum feed length is limited depending on the software used.

sample 1

                     desktop solvent printer


Not only can it be used for display purposes in factories and facilities, but it also has a printing function in addition to a cutting function, allowing you to create professional customized labels and stickers from just one sheet.

​We can also produce posters with special media, and can support a wide range of new business development. 

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Roland_VersaSTUDIO BN-20A
sample 1
sample 2
film 1
film 2
film 3

Our brand marking film and
We also handle various mediaBecause we are here
togetherWe can make suggestions!

I would like to suggest
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